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This journal, Plaintive Wail, comes forth out of a desire to write. This is not about just listing my daily activities. I use this journal often to vent about things I find myself - if not caring deeply about - then at least being fascinated by. Often, by virtue of where I live, I find myself quite intrigued and bothered by events happening in the world of entertainment. I am not so pretentious as to view myself as a lone purveyor of art marooned on the isle of commerce, but I do find myself existing on that uneasy precipice between the two. And hopefully some comedy comes out of that unholy marriage.

I know the net is rife with journals, but the world is rife with people, and I did not let that stop me from being born. I started reading online journals about a year before kicking this one off. Reading them began as something to do at work, since I couldn't look at online porn at my desk. But I became involved in these people's lives, and I thank them for that. A few of them are listed in the links section.

My personal relationship with writing is a tricky one. I don't really like the process of writing, but I honor the craft. I do it, but I am awed by those who do it really well. An actor by trade, I stumbled into playwriting a few years ago and have had a certain amount of success at it. And in my humble opinion, I'm pretty OK.

Please enjoy. And get angry. Or laugh. Or whip me off a note.

Or piss off and switch over to JenniCam if you don't dig me. Like Bobby Brown said before he bitchslapped Whitney: that's your prerogative.

No, but seriously folks, thanks for reading.