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Friday, September 19, 2003

Friday Night's Alright

Most weekend nights I have nothing to do. That's not entirely true, but usually I have to create things to do. Invite people places. Get in the car and go see a movie. Instigate and hunt and devise. Well, tonight, for some reason, there are about nine things I want to do/have been invited to do. Maybe not nine, but a lot. And I've known about all these things for a while, but have sat, paralyzed into indecision. Because I want to do all of them. Here:

The Giants are playing the Dodgers. The Giants just clinched so it's not that important, except for the fact that it's always very important to beat the Dodgers. I could, however, go see the Sunday day game...

Grandaddy is playing a concert with Super Furry Animals. I have no friends who like Grandaddy, so this I might go alone to. Which I'm fine with. I don't have to worry about short people who can't see and I can stand and rock out like a dork without anyone making fun of me. I love Grandaddy. They're weird and environmental and from Modesto. They write theme albums about computers and the forests. They also make strange videos in which they look like psycho farmers or dress in scary animal costumes.

A friend is having a birthday dinner. He's going to a Mexican joint. I like tequila.

The Neu Tickles (friends' band) are playing their final performance ever at Molly Malone's. They are very funny and they are breaking up. This is the swan song. Like going to the Beatles at Candlestick. Except this time you'll be able to hear the music over the screaming and fainting girls. I hope.

A friend from college is having a party. A chance to see people I haven't seen in a long time. Or a chance to stand around bored. Could go either way. It's a 50-50 chance.

There is a poker game. I love playing poker. I've been watching tons of poker on The Travel Channel. Lying on my couch I just know I could beat Howard Lederer and crew. Except that once I get off the couch and actually sit down and play, I'm really not that good at all.

Okay, so that's only six. Six is not nine, but it's much more than one. (Yeah! Who says public school kids can't do math?)

Who are we kidding, I'll probably just stay at home watching porn.

In 80's movies news:

You people have named over 200 different 80's movies you love. I've been tallying the votes and my Excel spreadsheet is growing longer every day. I'll post the results soon.

Who knew no one loved Back to the Future?


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