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Thursday, April 26, 2007

They Don't Teach That At Juilliard, But They Should

Pamie and I were talking about Lost, and I was complaining about Sawyer's acting, or over-acting, rather -- his inability to deliver a line or even just cap a scene by looking at Kate or Jack or whoever without mugging or some other broad indiction of "mood." Pam explained it, and acting in general, perfectly with this:

"Sawyer isn't ugly enough that it's interesting when he just stares at someone for 5 minutes."


Also... In checking out his IMDB site, I noticed the forum posts at the bottom. The subject lines are just perfect:

"this guy has to be in a superhero movie"


"does josh read the boards?"

and the best...

"gettin on the fat side"

*photo manipulation from the delightful kate and sawyer dot co dot uk


Anonymous Allison said...

please dont piss in my wine.... please?

7:35 PM


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