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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day Two And A Great Explanation

Back from the second day of the strike. Yo, walking in a circle for 4 hours is tiring. My feet and legs want nothing more than to lie on the couch and watch House (which soon I won't be able to do because they will have run out of scripts to shoot!) A bunch of friends showed up to support us and walked with us today, which was a great morale boost. There were a few angry stares from annoyed lot employees as they drove past us, but I witnessed nothing too hostile today. I met a whole new crew of really great people and dogs and babies, and constantly tried to stop from eating the stream of cookies and drinks and chips delivered to us by sympathetic souls (and a group of UTA agents). Walking in a circle requires you to pass snacks like every 45 seconds. It's maddening.

The developments today have been fantastic. The best thing is that showrunners -- the people who do just that, who RUN each show and are in many cases the creator of the show as well -- are walking off set and refusing to do their producorial duties in numbers completely beyond what the other side, or the WGA themselves, anticipated. It shows giant balls for these people to tackle this tough moral issue in this way. You're walking away from your baby. The show you spent your whole career in many cases waiting for. Your show that may be on the bubble and which walking away from might cause the network to just go ahead and cancel the show. And it's exactly what the strike needs. And it's happening. And many shows are having to halt production because of it. Including, from what I've heard, The Office, because similarly-giant-balls-having Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson refuse to cross the picket line and haven't shown up for work at all yet this week.

I also got into an email battle with the super-douchey reporter Dave McNary whose coverage of the strike in the trade rag Variety has been as slanted as a San Francisco hill. I haven't been compelled to write a stern letter in a long time, but he pissed me off like no one since some stupid TV Guide critic thought Silver Spoons was unrealistic. And now it's REALLY easy to send a stern letter over email. Especially when the reporter has a button you can just click that opens up a mail document already addressed to him.

Anyway. I couldn't want this to end sooner. But we continue. Day 3 begins in a few hours...

Here are some photos from Day 2:

Pamie is doing a phenomenal job as strike captain AND gate captain, accosting passing motorists, keeping the line moving, and pissing off Texas A&M fans everywhere.

Frank, Steph, and TV's Todd Robert Anderson. Steph and Todd are not WGA but supportive SAG members, along with Chet who came yesterday and today. Tim Wattez showed as well. He works in the grip department, which means he's strong and does important shit with lights and cables.

Protesting against cats and unfair prohibitions against leg-humping.

Killing Wonder while striking.

Hour four. Fading but still going strong.

And finally. Please watch the below YouTube video. Lest anyone still be swayed by the spin that Hollywood writers are privileged overpaid hacks (which, well, okay, a few of us may be) this explains perfectly what this strike is about very simple terms. Suck it, Variety. I guess the guild has the ability to clearly outline their position after all.

And if anyone wants to come down and walk with us for a couple hours some day, go to for times and locations, or email me. Thanks.


Anonymous Jennifer said...

Why such a pretty pretty girl would wear such an unfortunate hat is beyond me.

Gig 'em!!! ;-)

When I heard on the radio this morning that Shonda Rhimes, among others, was refusing to work in any capacity, I nearly wrecked the car. Congrats, you guys, you're making it happen!!!

8:13 AM

Blogger Jenny Deiker said...

I found your blog accidentally. Keep up the good fight. As a perspective baby writer, I've spent the last year writing specs and taking classes. I just hope the WGA gets what it wants in time for me to start getting paid for this writing stuff. I'll be contacting a writer-friend to walk with him.

9:30 AM

Anonymous Kate said...

We're cheering for you in Portland (can you hear it?). You guys are amazing for what you're doing!

11:10 AM

Blogger Lis said...

Tell Pam I said Hook 'EM!!!!!

1:21 PM

Blogger Carol Elaine said...

Go, stee and Pam and writers, go!

Y'all know you've got my support.

3:51 PM

Anonymous CAI in CT said...

Pamie looks awesome, as usual (you are a lucky man, Stee), but I'm not getting the apron.

10:22 AM


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