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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"We're Gonna Need A Bigger... Citronella Candle!"



Blogger Tamara said...

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:13 PM

Blogger Tamara said...

I saw that on Defamer (maybe?) yesterday and vowed to tune in, because that is way too awesome to be missed.

12:15 PM

Blogger PoBaL said...

Didn't he used to be a Corey?

2:24 PM

Blogger Carol Elaine said...

He's not just any Corey, he's the Corey.

stee, I've been reading you too damn long...

4:12 PM

Blogger Geoff Moore said...

Final and indisputable proof that Parker Lewis can, indeed, lose.

5:27 PM

Blogger Allison said...

"Mansquito" has to be, hands down, the greatest title of ANYTHING, ever.

11:32 AM

Anonymous Libragril said...

Allison......absolutely the best
How great is the movie going to be
It has some great mocking potential. It's so bad...I can't wait

5:00 AM


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