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Monday, October 31, 2005

New Film Pigs Alternate DVD Commentary: Saw!

Just in time for Halloween, the Film Pigs courageously kill an afternoon
sitting through yet another knock-off of "Se7en" -- the less thrilling
yet just as filth-covered "Saw."

For a movie called "Saw," there is an alarming lack of "sawing" -- of
arms, legs, heads, wooden planks, trees, anything. However, there is
plenty of terrifying acting from Carey Elwwwwwwes, who spends most of
the movie in a life-or-death struggle with his accent. Plus, there is
the obligatory pointless twist ending that paves the way for "Saw II,"
which will hopefully deliver on the gore "Saw" only teases us with.

Run, don't hobble, to Film Pigs dot com to download and cherish the latest commentary. Listen along with the movie, or just on the subway or in your car for no reason whatsoever!

Also available for podcasting at iTunes, under Comedy.


Anonymous Trey said...

That was a lovely Mandy Patinkin.

4:42 PM


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