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Friday, November 18, 2005

Chapter Eight!

Jason and his band Balls play a gig at the Knitting Factory:

"We start with “Mo’ Money, Less Problems” and segue straight into “Cork,” which is about this retarded friend I used to have when I was a kid. It’s about the lost innocence of childhood, which is what a lot of my songs tend to be about. Lost childhood and pussy. Next we do a cover of “Hard Habit to Break” by Chicago. I sing it with this ironic glint in my eye that everyone loves. The good thing about me is that I can make my enjoyment of something seem derisively ironic, even when I either actually really like the thing, or I’m just not sure exactly why something is funny. It’s what I’m paid assloads of money for. (While teachers are paid nothing. Where’s the justice in that, my friends?)"


Anonymous Al said...

That shit is funny, man. Well done. probably did base it loosely on what you sortof half suspect Joey from Friends is like in real life, in which case: dude, that's totally what I've always suspected Joey from Friends is like, too. I'd say something about what a weird coincidence that is but I bet everyone secretly suspects Joey of being like that, so it's not that big of a coincidence.

And besides it probably turns out you based it on the other guy. Which, actually, that works too. Shit, that might actually work better.

9:59 AM


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