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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Cingular Text Message Quicknotes For Los Angeles

To go along with the current default list of fifteen selections ("On my way" "Need more info" "Can I call you back?" "Need directions," etc.) I'd like to suggest to Cingular that they release special packets of regional-specific text message quicknotes. I think they'd be a really helpful way to quickly and safely text frequently used messages. Here are my suggestions for the Los Angeles-area packet:

"Stuck at light at Highland and Franklin"
"Final Draft just crashed"
"In line at Pinks"
"Getting colonic"
"Stuck at light at Lankershim and Camarillo"
"Being chased by paparazzi"
"My show got cancelled :("
"Punched my assistant. Send bail"
"You want Jamba Juice?"
"Andy Dick just hit on me"
"Come see my showcase?"
"Getting boobs"
"Stuck at light at Sunset and La Brea"
"In line at UCB theatre"
"Are you holding?"
"Stuck at clusterfuck light at Beverly / Temple / Virgil"
"Took too much Lorazepam, dial 911zzzzzz..."
"I had a very promising audition today"
"In bathroom at Lush getting bj from Paris"
"Stuck on 405. Go on without me"
"Where's nearest AA meeting?"
"I have herpes. Get checked"
"Getting carjacked, will call back"
"That's it. I'm fucking moving back to New York"


Anonymous kmn said...

This blog is so funny sometimes. Every other time I check, I explode laughing. The rest of the time it is just interesting.

12:55 PM


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