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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese Training Video

Long but awesome. And hypnotic. And after watching for long enough, very frightening.

"Jewel, your vest needs straightening."

"This Chuck E. is making things happen. And he knows when to stop."

"This party was so trusting of Chuck E., he could get away with almost anything."

"But you if you try to force things to happen, they can backfire on you. You have to know your limitations."


Anonymous El said...

This was... amazing. It's tough to single out a favourite line, but I think the winner may just be "It didn't become a game of who can spank Chuck E".

8:37 PM

Anonymous Jen said...

and here is comes.......yes.........yes I believe we have contact


12:10 AM

Anonymous nabbalicious said...

I just went to Chuck E. Cheese for a kid's birthday party this weekend and it was fucking frightening.

But at least no one tried to spank Chuck E.

8:49 AM


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