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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


My email and website have been down for the past four days. It was horrible -- I had to use gmail! But now I'm back. Man, not having something around really makes you appreciate it. Like when you're out of toilet paper. Or coffee. I mean, eventualy you get used to paper towels and tea, respectively, but then once you finally make it to the store, you appreciate that first square, or that first sip, like manna from heaven. So I hereby pledge to treat this blog a little more respectfully. A few more entries here and there. Maybe they'll even, like, be about something!

Like this: Good new for justice today -- Paris Hilton serves more jail time than Scooter Libby!

But until then, here's one about nothing. It's a new Film Pigs vlog of "Live Free Or Die Hard":

With Skelton stuck doing a job that makes him the envy of shut-ins and 12 year-old boys everywhere, Stee and Todd brave the Grove on opening day to go see the fast-typing-filled Live Free Or Die Hard. Olyphanty!


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