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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I Pity The Fool...

Who watches this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh. my. god.
they should package that in box set with those Leonard Nimoy classics.

8:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh good - now I know what to send Mom for her special day.

8:29 AM

Blogger Melissa said...

I'd send my Mother that but I'm scared she'd choke on her own tongue from laughing so hard.

5:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband bought this last year from for $2. It's absoludicrous how much enjoyment we've gotten from this videotape.

10:08 AM

Anonymous Trey said...

My friend showed me this a few weeks ago. I'm still confused as to why a 34 year old woman is verbally sparring with a 6 year old?

And what does "You're so skinny your eyes are in single file" mean?, seriously? What does that mean?

4:27 PM

Anonymous TheOtherJoshua said...

Wow...altho, something has to be said about those shorts. Some things should never go out of style.

8:01 PM

Blogger stee said...

I just like how Mr. T. doesn't give a fuck if a little kid calls a woman Fat and Ugly, but only steps in once they bring up Mamas. Like he's off to the side enjoying the cap session before that.

11:04 PM

Anonymous Kelsey said...

First of all, you've got to see that whole video--it's the single most awesome thing ever to be set to film.

Second, there's an extra-brilliant recap of it here. [] I bought the thing based on this site's writeup and it has. Changed. My. Life.

4:20 AM


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