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Monday, May 16, 2005

Like Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz, Only For The Not Necessarily On Acid

So my comedy group FILM PIGS decided to create something incredibly esoteric that will certainly only be enjoyed and/or appreciated by a tiny handful of people... pretty much like everything we've ever done. We've created Alternate DVD Commentary tracks for movies. Right now we only have 3 of them up -- (oh wait, only 2. The third, The Day After Tomorrow, isn't up yet). You should listen to them while watching the movie. They're funny. And hey, not every comedy group can say they were at one time optioned by Sylvester Stallone for one dollar. (True!)

See the Press Release-like email below...

The FILM PIGS are semi-proud to present: ALTERNATE DVD COMMENTARY. Download a commentary from our web site, rent the DVD, and play them together for an authentic moviegoing experience right in your own home! (Authentic, assuming you go to the movies and are amazed at what pieces of crap they are.)

For those of you in the know, we are offering these commentaries as a Podcast or newsfeed. You can find the link at the bottom of our homepage. Since this technology is designed to automatically update you when there's new hilarious content, we won't be sending an annoying email every time we post a new commentary. You will just have to content yourself with the unending offers for miracle weight loss, 100% natural member enhancement, and pleas for help transferring riches from Africa.

For those of you who have no idea what were talking about but want to be informed by email when we do post new stuff, we will maintain a seperate list just for you. Reply to this email and let us know you want to be on that list. Also, forward us any email you get regarding 100% natural member enhancement. Thank you.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys sound drunk.

That said, I'm sure there is a budding market for this kind of stuff. Essentially your commentary is like people renting cool friends to come over and talk shit about a film. There is a massive crossover between that and Star Wars fans.

Next up, you guys should sell special Film Pigs smoothies to sip while you watch...

3:16 PM


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