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Monday, July 11, 2005

New Film Pigs Commentary! Ha, He's Named "Gaylord!"

This week, we provide a bitter soundtrack for the highest grossing comedy ever! Meet The Fockers.

If you ever wanted to see Dustin Hoffman take a shit, Robert De Niro wearing fake boobs, a baby say "Asshole" repeatedly, a dog flushed down the toilet, or Blythe Danner humilated and clearly drunk, mumbling the few throw-away lines she's allowed in an apologetic, hammered tone (oh wait, that's everything she's done in the last five years), go out and rent this movie today!

And to make it perhaps a little more palatable, listen to the Film Pigs suffer through it right along with you.

(Also available for podcasting at iTunes, under "Comedy.")


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shtee, It wasn't as good as the first one, but Fockers had its moments that had me rollin'. Overall I guess I was a bit disappointed, but hell, any movie that can make me laugh is a plus. That just goes to show how few movies I see. Movie night at my place is "Fraggle Rock". Sky won't even watch the incredibles; too scary.


ps: Lex is engaged

3:05 PM


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