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Monday, June 13, 2005

If You Love Britney Spears...'ll probably hate my newest recap of the third horseman of the apocalypse that is Britney and Kevin: Chaotic here at Television Without Pity.

(For the Home Page blurb, I've taken to Yankovicing a song of hers each week, instead of trying to summarize the summary of the sheer pointlessness that is the show. And I just realized when these things drop off the home page, they're gone forever. Which makes me sad, because they take me, like, at LEAST ten minutes. And ten minutes of my time is extremely valuable. Here's the latest one, before it's gone forever:)


K-Fed, you and me / We're hitchin' / I swear to God, I'm not bitchin' / But you're not clean / I'm itchin' / There's no lotion / It can't wait / I need some balm / Baby, give me some / You're syphilitic / I'm catchin' it / Too sore / Cannot bone / Pull up your pants / And leave me alone / Hydrocortisone! / Oh, this case of the crabs / I can't abide / You're toxic I'm takin' Cipro / If I don't get some poison fungicide / I will die cuz of you / Don't you know that you're toxic? / Wow, this bleeding is new / Don't you know that you're toxic?


Blogger Val said...

Stee, it always made me sad when your blurb from Sorority Life and The Newleyweds would drop off the home page. Not that the recaps weren't great, but to me, the blurbs were the best part.
I don't even watch the Boobney show and I still read the recaps. Mostly for the "AHH! Oh, it's Fee" moments!

2:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're in the database for all time, homes. If you ever want a compendium, email me.

-- Sars

10:44 AM

Blogger Sarita said...

I am loving your "Boobany" recaps. They have brought laughter into otherwise boring days at work. I actually did watch one, after reading a few of your recaps. Wow. That shit is bad. Sorry, man. At least it's all over now!

9:09 AM

Blogger DeAnn said...

stee, you should post all of them here, so that I can come back and read them for posterity. Do you know how much I loved your intro paragraph for the finale recap? It actually gave me goosebumps. I'm a sap, I know, but it was pretty awesome.

4:25 PM

Anonymous Sleepy Girl said...

Oh, I loved those lyrics you made! I remember going back for one of them just because it was so funny but then it was gone because the new episode was up. Buuut the new one was probably just as funny so I wasn't traumatized much.

7:56 AM


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