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Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Film Pigs Alternate DVD Commentary: Hitch!

The Film Pigs watch Hitch.

And learn that true love is always built on a solid foundation of lies!

There is a moment in this movie where an indignant Will Smith berates
Eva Mendes for critisizing his job as a "date doctor" by making the
point that women are too stupid and shallow to recognize the true
qualities of a man. Therefore, men are justified in crafting elaborate
lies in order to falsely win their affections. And she eventually
agrees with him! Hilarious. There are also numerous jokes highlighting
Kevin James' awkwardness. All totally subtle.

Also available for podcasting at iTunes, under Comedy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do one for "Kangaroo Jack" and I'm sold.

11:59 AM


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