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Monday, August 15, 2005

A Fun Game For You!

Pick which of these are from descriptions of DVDs from a porn website, and which are checkmark boxes for the barista on the sleeve of the cup of coffee I just bought.

A) size
B) easy sweet
C) hard
D) black
E) no top
F) x-hot
G) wet
H) whip & topping
I) filled
J) cream
K) dirty slut co-eds' study session turns into all-night finger-bang party


Blogger Morgan said...

Well, obviously C, E, F, G and K refer to your coffee.

6:21 AM

Blogger lisa said...

I'm gonna guess that a, b, d, e, f and h? were on your coffee. It's scary that it's so hard to pick, well more funny than scary, I guess.

9:06 AM

Anonymous Nyk Critzer said...

K is definitely your coffee...

11:40 AM

Blogger DeAnn said...

I agree with Lisa that it's funny and scary that it's hard to pick. It's also funny and scary that you came up with the list.

Oh, and I'm adding j to Lisa's list of what was on your coffee.

And, of course, k.

1:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:00 PM

Blogger RB Ripley said...

I actually had a barista offer me choice K at the S*a*b*c*s on Hollywood and Vine.

3:00 PM


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