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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

You and Me and Leslie

What kind of tool drives a PT Cruiser?

This kind.

It's what my local Rent-4-LE$$ offered me, and 4 le$$ than renting a crap Geo or Focus at a real, legit rental place. So for the next month or so I'll be the guy driving around the 'hood in a cigarette-stanked (not from me) PT Cruiser looking for my abandoned Civic.

Oh, and the best: a few hours after I picked up the car, I was heading to a poker game... and I got rear-ended on Santa Monica and Heliotrope. There didn't seem to be any damage so I just told the guys to be more careful. My car karma is just kickin' lately. Today? I plan to have a block of concrete dropped onto the car from an overpass. Or a tire will blow. I'll let you know which one happens.


Blogger Libragirl said...

My father tried to get me to get a crusier. Hell No. They are Neon's with a different (read:uglier) outside.
I had a Neon which he talked me into (ok he paid for) PT Cruiser is a stupid car. Sorry you have to have one now.

2:44 AM

Blogger Jessica said...

the turning radius of the PT cruiser is a crime against cars everywhere. if they had a UN commission for car rights, the designers of the PT cruiser would be awaiting a tribunal in the Hague right now.

7:32 AM

Blogger Allison said...

I cannot stop laughing. Now, you had BETTER not blow a tire or any other horrible thing, but I BEG you to take some "cool" photos of you in the Cruiser. What color is yours? Please, please say it's purple.

8:16 AM


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