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Friday, September 29, 2006

Eighteen, And I Like It

Well yes, as Pamie said, it seems my poor little stolen-then-recovered-and-left-for-dead-at-the-towing-yard Honda Civic is having a very exciting second life. A bad life. A life of crime.

Cop chases and guns and trips to Tijuana. Born in 1988. Spending the weekend in jail in someplace called Vernon. Causing the cops to come to our house in the middle of the night. After years of prudery, suddenly, letting lots of strange people drive it. How do we suddenly have an eighteen-year-old?

We better start saving up for college immediately. Or, more likely, trade school.


Anonymous Kate said...

Sweet new grill!

11:30 AM

Anonymous Lis said...

Just thought I'd bond with you over crazy cars, when my Honda was stolen by drag queens (yep) They piled like 7 people in it and took in on a trip to 6 flags,on the way there they got one of those picture ticket for speeding down the DC beltway and I keep getting it sent to me because even though right there on the ticket it says that the car was stolen, for some reason the cops still think I should pay for it. At least I got my car back in mostly one piece (new hood and front bumper was all it needed) but inside, I got to chronical the life it thought it was going to live with the drag queens... full of sunflower seeds and buttons of that scary dancing old man from 6 flags. What is it about our Hondas stee? Why are they such problem children?

7:16 AM

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