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Thursday, January 11, 2007

YouTube Got PWN3D*! By Me!

Thanks to reader "Mojo" for pointing this out to my previously-ignorant ass, but it turns out I'm in Esquire this month. There is a little article in the current Feb. issue about YouTube film critics and it features the Film Pigs, with a photo of us from the vlogs and our quote when we were making fun of John Cusack for having a tiny mouth like Jigsaw from "Saw III." Coupled with "God, Inc.," it's all been very, very strange and goofy. I just have to get all over MySpace now and I'll be the envy of 13 year-olds everywhere!

*Not exactly sure what this means. I was just trying to be down with the l33t hax0rz**!

**No idea what this means either.


Anonymous Jen said...

Just to get you started on your path of envy by 13 year-olds, I want you to know that The Film Pigs are Who I'd like to meet on my myspace page.

10:46 PM


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