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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Cusack Has Hidden Piven's Firebird Keys...

...for the last time.


Blogger The Traveler said...

What is it about this Cusack/Piven story? Is it that Cusack was every girl's dream for so long and then seemed to become increasingly waxen and jerky with each passing year? Is it that Piven was so awesome in "Gross Point Blank" when he yelled "10 YEARS, MAN!" and now, in hindsight, it seems maybe he was screaming for all the years he toiled in Cusack's shadow? Is it because they're both from the town where I went to college? Is it because they're acting like two gay men having a lovers' quarrel? I don't know. But I'll say that for some perverse reason, I am loving it!

Love your blog, too! :)

7:41 AM


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