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Sunday, January 07, 2007

"God, Inc." Selected For YouTube Homepage!

Francis Stokes' comedy series "God, Inc." was just selected for the YouTube homepage... alongside a guy making funny faces and a baby farting! (Being "featured" is basically the highest achievement for YouTubers. Go ask a 12 year old. They'll tell you...)

And people seem to be digging it a lot, from the comments. It's actually very exciting. Plus, we also get to read stuff like, "WOW THAT WAS GAY..." and "Who ever wrote, starred, and / or filmed this needs to shot, maimed, and burned at the stake. DON'T EVER MOCK GOD!!" As of last count, over 200,000 people have watched it. Pretty amazing, this new media thingy.

But go watch them. Episodes 1 & 2 up so far. 3 on its way. And it's not gay. Not really. Even when I'm in it.

(Just go to the homepage of YouTube right now, or later, just search for "God, Inc." Hooray Frank!)


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