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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nikki Finke, Crazy Again

I'm guessing the hilarious, self-aggrandizing, paranoid, prudish, amazingly-bitter, Nikke Finke, the LA Weekly entertainment columnist and blogger with a fabled penchant for career sabotage, crippling bouts of writer's blocks, and obvious deep persecution fantasies, doesn't watch much television. Otherwise, she couldn't write this sentence (in reference to High School Musical 2's amazing ratings last Friday night):

"Just shows that TV viewers will respond to good, clean, energetic fun. Not everything has to be edgy."

Right, Nikki. Unlike the daring, risky, challenging things that lately rule the Neilsens, like The Singing Bee, America's Got Talent, 60 Minutes, and that fucking thing with Howie Mandel and all the briefcases.


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