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Friday, July 27, 2007

The Whole Movie

So, here is the entire movie, HAROLD BUTTLEMAN, DAREDEVIL STUNTMAN.

John Hawkes of Deadwood fame plays wannabe stuntman Harold. I play his cameraman and best friend Doug. Oscar nominee and crazy person Karen Black plays Harold's mom. Homer Simpson plays some dude later in the movie. The mom from that silly sitcom The War At Home plays Harold's girlfriend. Etc. Etc. Oh, and Pamie's in it! She plays the small but pivotal role of "Party Goer #4/Pretty Girl."

Also, you can go to and sign up at what is actually a pretty cool movie-lovers site, and Frank gets a dollar towards recouping the budget of the movie. It takes two seconds and you never have to go there again. Or you can spend all your time there. It's up to you! You control your life. Not me. Although, you really should change your shirt. That one makes you look like a ragamuffin. And did you eat today? Honey, you have to eat something. How about some nice apple slices?

Anyway. Like Beck says, "Please enjoy."

(By the way, we're going down to ComicCon on behalf of God, Inc. We'll be at the SCI-FI NETWORK / ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY party on Saturday night. Come say hi if you're there. Especially if you're dressed like a Wookie or Darth Something.)

"Wow, Stee. That was suspiciously like another movie about to come out starring one of the SNL dudes, and which also features one of the main players from Deadwood." Really? Hm. That's odd.


Blogger randomstuff said...

What's different about Stokes's movie though is that I'll actually watch it. Oh, and I signed up, it looks like a pretty neat website.

9:59 AM

Anonymous Jenn said...

Aren't there copyright laws that prevent situations like this?

Not that the movie being released is going to make a lot of movie - but still...

11:27 AM

Anonymous Jenn said...

Aren't there copyright laws for these kind of situations?

1:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's the "other movie" about to come out?

5:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What. The. Hell. It's going along great, and then... That ending... wow. Not cool.

6:14 PM


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