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Friday, September 02, 2005

Actually Fair and Balanced?!

For my money, I think the funniest website aside from The Onion is Man, they're always good for a few giggles, especially during big news stories like Katrina. All throughout the last few days while CNN and the BCC reports about looting and death and 50,000 people still trapped with no help on the way and growing lawlessness and just horrible, horrible stuff, the front page of has been various glory shots of Bush making important plans with important people and being incredibly reassuring, with headlines like, "The Cavalry Is Coming!" and "Help Is On The Way!" They're so dern optimistic. It's really adorable.

But you know you're in trouble as an administration when even the Fox News viewer feedback section is overwhelmed with criticism like, "The GOP just cost themselves the White House in ‘08" and "Why is it whenever there is an emergency, President Bush always seems to be coming back from or cutting his vacation short? Is that all he does?" and endless calls to, "Please bring 'our troops' home, President Bush!"

But a few of the great quotes along the lines of what one might actually expect to read are, "In spite of the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, Laura Bush is the most reassuring first lady that this country has ever had in the time of tragedy" and "Bush's Department of Homeland Security certainly demonstrated their proficiency in handling a disaster. What outstanding leadership!"

Although in that first one, it sounds like the writer is actually suggesting Laura Bush caused some of the devastation and is "reassuring" despite that. And I'm pretty sure the second one was meant to be sarcastic.

But my favorite is this: "Only the French would give us a city built below sea level."

Wait, maybe that was The Onion.


Anonymous Sue said...

It's even funnier because the French gave us a city *above* sea level, i.e. the Quarter. It was the Americans who expanded it into land below sea level by pumping out the water in the swamps.

6:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

fox "news" usually sounds like propaganda from korea.
they should start calling it "pravda west".

8:04 PM

Blogger Joanne said...

Tonight it says "Counting the Dead" as the headline. You're right, they're definitely looking on the sunny side of that one! Good looking out!

6:28 PM

Blogger Wilde said...

I think the GW and Laura have been very busy -- spending way too much time at home with their Baby Vibrators...

7:15 AM

Anonymous Fred said...

People are criticizing Bush on the Fox News website because it's known as a conservative network, not because the entire half of the population that voted for him is suddenly turning against him.

Your comment would have had more credibility if there was at least an attempt to be objective. The way it is, it's just another boring, and wholly fantastical, anti-Bush tirade.

2:08 PM

Blogger stee said...

"Not because the entire half of the population that voted for him is suddenly turning against him."

Yeah, "Fred," you're totally right. The nation is not turning on him. not at all.

Or is that all more boring liberal fantasy?

2:26 PM


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