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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina Looms Over 'The Man' Premiere - Yahoo! News

Katrina's least funny victim.

Though in truth, I'll bet you twenty dollars the studio is goddamn happy to have something to blame on its inevitable floppitude. I'll pre-quote from the upcoming Monday's Variety article: "It wasn't exactly what we hoped for," said New Line marketing topper Russell Schwartz. "Clearly, after the devistating effects of Hurricaine Katrina, the nation just wasn't ready to laugh. And thus, sadly, a very funny film became Katrina's latest victim." Schwartz went on, while crying and boxing up photos of his wife and Lord of the Rings desk toys, "We have high hopes that once the waters have receeded, our healing nation will discover not only their personal effects unharmed, but also this very funny film on DVD."

Or what do I know? Maybe it'll make 30 mil.


Anonymous A.K. said...

They're showing "The Man" at the Astrodome? Haven't these people been through enough?

3:10 PM


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