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Monday, December 19, 2005

Voices From Spam, Part One

This was at the bottom of an email I got today for "V-iagr7." It's sort of hauntingly beautiful, in an Edgar-the-computer-from-"Electric Dreams"-tries-to-write-poetry-for-the-first-time kind of way:

"Finger little value.
Never, section forest about modern baby rock.
Are are talk center real?
Car ask baby. Song build please.
Why, these wood?
Ago, rock often care back, draw like.
Noon since power, is measure more to.
See name space slow.
Learn, are
Our off, am party in."

It also sounds like lyrics from a Radiohead song.


Blogger nicardo1 said...

Either that or the first word from each page of some magazine or book.

5:46 PM

Blogger DrunkKitty said...

I like to use them as titles for songs. "Bureaucratic Cupid" and "Dissapeared Exterior Hearts" will definitely be releases on my first album. You know, when I have an album.

1:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My two favorite spam emails (yes, I saved them) are as follows:

keep nash only octahedral where. eaten determinate out optometry see let assay. terrestrial together insight to masterpiece. buss but exogamous so cadaverous. bellflower to typhon south campaign. shrewd yesterday when andover confession let assimilable in. inactive octahedron yes capacitate but under rawlinson.


of some terrible calamity, out came a Mouse. attempt to injure one of them. The Shepherd at first stood on in this palace as if I had been a girl: what shall I now do to and besides, I by no means wish to come near you. the close of the seventeenth century, to examine more minutely .

I want to write spam when I grow up.

- Heather

6:56 PM


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