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Thursday, December 01, 2005

When Good News Met Bad News...

AGENT: So, I have good news and bad news.

ME: Shoot.

AGENT: The good news is, x production company really loves your draft and thinks you did a great job adapting the book for them. They're very happy and are really excited about moving forward and making this a real movie.

ME: Great! What's the bad news?

AGENT: You're going to get rewritten.

ME: Ugh. Really? Okay. By who?

AGENT: Nora Ephron.


Blogger Stace said...

Poor, poor, poor Stee... How's Sleepless in Los Angeles sound?

6:17 AM

Blogger nicardo1 said...

Hmm, no shit? Uhh, guess you could do worse. Meaning, as far as the bad news goes. Meaning, as far as a means to an end. Questions do arise: Does this mean they need NE's name attached to make it happen? Did her last two "movies" break even yet? Does this mean xpc wants the next draft to be LESS funny? (I'm assuming the project isn't a melodrama.) Would you get cash and/or credit, or totally screwed over?

4:15 PM

Blogger stee said...

It's really unclear. The project might go nowhere. If it goes into production I should get another payday. Credit is up to the Gods of the WGA (meaning: arbitration), which means, I could get shared or no, depending. Probably nothing, considering who she is.

5:21 PM


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