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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Both Something From My Nightmares AND Dinner

...At least in Louisiana. This is the discard tray from the sixteen pounds* of crawfish we consumed on New Years' Day.

(*Not a comedic exaggeration.)

It was a truly excellent time and a wonderful way to ring in both the New Year and Year Two of our marriage. We shot off fireworks in the street that we bought from a tent! Right in the city! Where they sell fireworks!

We had a New Years' Eve dance party.

We recreated our walk down the aisle.

Got bass lessons.

I even learned the joys of listening to sports radio sitting in a truck.

And altogether just had an awesome time.

(Vince, I'm sorry I shamed you so at darts. I'll send you something cute from the Delia's catalogue to make you feel better.)


This is from my first jaw-dropped trip to a rural Walmart. I call it "Girl W/ Guns."

Others call it freedom.


Blogger Claire said...

That last pic is insane! If only they sould guns in UK supermarkets...I can't even imagine!

7:12 AM

Anonymous ruth said...

Did that particular rural Walmart display the animatronic mounted deer head that sings "Sweet Home Alabama"? Because ours did.

12:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stee, I'll take the pink unicorn hoodie in an XS. Thanks!!!

2:31 PM

Anonymous AB said...

That was Vince with the pink hoodie, I believe. Welcome to the Internet, Vince!

3:07 PM

Blogger Crazy Chick said...

What, your local Walmart doesn't sell guns? How odd . . .

3:54 PM


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