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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Green Light

Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter- tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther..... And one fine morning-

Today I learned that my movie, the thing I sold four years ago, just got a green light for a Spring 2006 shoot. My first words to ever reach the screen, large or small.

Keep running, Gats. It might happen yet.


Anonymous katiekins said...


1:19 PM

Blogger Rachel said...

That might just be the best thing I have heard all day! Next thing you know, your Civic will come home.

Ok, maybe not.

3:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

just wanted to say that i loved your comments following your watching of THE OPRAH everyone is talking about. i would like to know when we elected her the official on books and when she was elected God. I'm a writer and as to where i think James Frey shouldn't have lied about certain things in his books...Oprah needs to attend the classes I take on Creative Non-Fiction. She might learn what a memoir usually consists of. If she writes a non-fiction book and includes dialogue, I want someone to tell her that more than likely those words weren't really spoken word for word and see how she likes it. then she'd be jumpin' on the "I can embellish a bit and write what i remember how i remember it" bandwagon like the rest of us. from now on, i will never quote anything again for fear Oprah will say i'm a liar...ah..fuck Oprah..:-)
haley from Indiana

12:43 AM

Blogger Allison said...


Awesome news! Congrats a million times over!!

7:40 AM

Blogger Tess said...

Quién es más macho? Stee! Stee es más macho!

Congratulations, dude. What's the working title?

1:12 PM

Blogger Cafrine said...

Hey, this made my day. I can't imagine what it would be doing for you.


4:17 PM

Blogger ae said...

Wow - I actually gasped when I read that over at Pamie's dot com. Congratulations! I can't wait to see it.

6:25 PM

Blogger Alice said...

That's great - congratulations!

In honour of this, you should pretend that all lights are green in your honour for a day. Traffic lights? Green. Sweeeeeet.

2:04 AM

Anonymous Sharon said...

Congratulations! That's so awesome!

2:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muchas felicidades, hombre.

12:21 AM

Anonymous pandymonium said...

stee, you are THE MAN! Woohooooo!

6:31 PM

Blogger Kaijsa said...

Rock on! Big congrats on the movie!

10:56 PM

Blogger Judi said...

Wow, that is amazing -- congratulations :)

12:00 PM


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