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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Today, just now, Olive discovered the wonder of reflection. After 8 years of life. She has suddenly become obsessed with standing on my desk next to my computer, watching the mundane goings-on in my office (Pamie working, me eating an apple and working, Taylor sleeping, Cal being fat) through the framed Jeff Bridges Fearless movie still on the wall.

Like it's TV.

I honestly used to think Cal was the numbskull of the family.

But I'm no longer so sure.


Blogger Jagosaurus said...

Cats ... they do such a good job of acting sophisticated until something like this happens.

Perhaps Jeff Bridges is communicating with Olive? Explaining how he's the duuuuude? Okay, maybe not.

6:19 PM

Anonymous Patty said...

Making your cat stare at the wall is cruel and unusual punishment. Let her free!

6:46 PM

Blogger Sarah said...

My cat's turned into a table. Seriously. I can balance books, manuscripts, laptops and martinis on her, and as long as she's warm, she's happy.

7:18 PM

Blogger Finding My New Normal said...

Your Olive looks a lot like our Daisy. Daisy is not very bright herself, but we think some of her foibles have to do with not having very good eyesight. I have photos of her on Flickr under the name Sunflowery.

8:16 PM

Anonymous pandymonium said...

My cat - Little Miss Destructo - can see me, and look at the rest of the room reflected in the mirror, but she refuses to see herself. I have held her up and turned her this way and that, trying to get her to look directly at her reflection but she always looks away.

I can't determine whether she sees herself and refuses to believe it or thinks she's been replaced and is annoyed.

8:24 PM

Anonymous ckatz said...

Have you checked behind the picture? We had a cat do that with a mirror, and she tried to move the mirror, and when moved the mirror to show her there was nothing behind it, there was a small hole behind it that flies had somehow gotten into, it was rather creepy, but our cat regained her intelligent status.

10:39 AM

Anonymous erin said...

that's the best thing i have seen all day. i especially appreciate the numerous angles.

11:21 AM

Anonymous Rhonda said... can you be sure she isn't just really obsessed with Jeff Bridges?

12:21 PM

Blogger KT said...

My dog recently discovered the television. We sit and watch TV with him every night, but it wasn't until recently, watching an episode of Arrested Development, that he realized there was something else in the room besides us.

His name is Buster, so when they said the character's name, he freaked right out. His name was coming from an unspecified location that was not one of us! He jumped off the couch and backed away and was nervous the whole episode. He still doesn't get that the box in front of the room is not giving him commands. I think he thought he was in trouble, given the way the characters address each other on that show.

I am still hoping for a program where someone says "Sit!" very loudly, to see if he obeys.

5:20 PM


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