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Friday, January 13, 2006


Someone suggested that perhaps Olive has a special love for Jeff Bridges, and that's why she's been spending her days staring at his photo on my wall.

Having a special fondness for Jeff Bridges is something I can understand. So just a moment ago when she was deeply involved in her Bridges-gazing, I conducted a little test.

I gave her an option. She could look at a very dapper Jeff Bridges in a tuxedo.

Or the boring-ol' Fearless shot she's now no-doubt memorized. Now, I'm no scientist, if it were just about Bridges, you would think that seeing another photo of her idol would interest her, right?

Well, nope.

Not interested.

Maybe next time I'll try something from Tron.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I love about these series of photos is how annoyed she looks from the back. With her ears tilted like that, she looks as if she's mad at the world.

8:12 PM

Blogger tina said...

HEE. Heeheeheeheeheeheehee. Dogs are all right, but cats--really, they're better than TV.

4:01 AM

Blogger schmutzie said...

She really does look like it's annoying her to have you dividing her attention from Jeff Bridges.

7:08 AM

Anonymous Rhonda said...

Maybe Olive is interested in the more rugged side of Mr. Bridges, the dangerous side.

Maybe you could try a picture from Against All Odds.

8:38 AM

Blogger zuhn said...

My cat recently discovered my shoe mirror and spends significant chunks of time watching the mirror. I think it's because he's admiring himself. Perhaps Olive is just thinking, "damn, I look good today".

9:04 AM

Anonymous missbee said...

Yum, men in uniform....Meeeowww.

6:32 AM

Anonymous Sarcasma said...

Much as I'd love to think she's hypnotized by a mad passion for Jeff Bridges, I suspect she's just making sure to keep an eye on that other cat.

7:02 AM

Blogger Allison said...

Olive Loves Jeff Bridges is my favorite thing on the Internet right now.

11:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hate to rain on anyone's parade - but there are other people in that picture. Maybe it's the firefighters and not Jeff?

12:13 PM

Blogger KT said...

Yeah, maybe she just likes firemen. I know I do.

You should show her some pictures of firemen and see what happens. If you could find a picture of a male cat fireman that might be even better.

You could also try replacing the picture with a mirror for a day and she if she stays with the reflection or goes looking for Jeff.

4:16 PM

Anonymous erin said...

wait a minute - she is dis this AGAIN... on a different DAY?

ok, now that is weird.

5:58 PM

Blogger DeAnn said...

I cannot believe that hilarious cat.

I tried to send the link to the last post about her fetish to a friend of mine, but her work filters blocked your site. (I KNOW!) So, what I did was copy all of your words and download and attach all of the photos and I recreated the post for her in an e-mail.

She loved it, too, but cannot comment to tell you that. At least not from work.

How much do you hate her work right now?

2:40 AM


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