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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Day 10 & 11, Plus An Interview

Day 10 and 11 saw the insanity of Tuesday's Lower Lankershim Pizza Party And Celebrity Clusterfuck give way to the more mundane routine of striking. On Wednesday I did the 10 to 2 shift at the Radford parking gate where Pamie rules in the morning as gate captain with the pep of a cheer squad leader and the steadfast determination of a mountaineer. I walked in front of Brian Posehn for a long time and got to overhear his stories about all the usual alt comic suspects, tried to stay cool with water and shade-rest, and played Trivial Pursuit until I no longer cared who won the most Grand Slam events in tennis or what liquors make up a Fuzzy Navel.

Thursday I returned to my 6 to 10 shift at Disney with the Eli Stone and Lost writers. The awesome Carmen from the Guild bought us coffee and Lost fans brought by care packages of jerky and Capri Suns and candy bars. And some dude brought a lime green tub of ice and drinks, but because of the creepy nature of the handwriting on the note he left us, I have to admit many were scared to sample his wares. Chet came by for a spell and joined us, and at one point we got in trouble with the cops for working the Walk button too hard, which is a pretty silly offense; no matter how much Michael Tabb wanted to go for the guy's gun and tell him to get back in his car and drive away, Michael complied and laid off the button. (Hey, that last sentence fragment could have been a stage direction from an episode of Lost! They're rubbing off on me.) We got one drive-by "Get back to work you lazy fucks!" by a dude in a white Beemer who did not possess the balls to let us provide a retort, and we gleefully met the arrival of our favorite Disney employee with an ecstatic chant of "Gold Porsche Guy! GOLD PORSCHE GUY!" The man who drives the drop-top Porsche painted gold was not amused. I'm pretty sure tomorrow he's going to drive his wife's Astrovan in to work. But he won't fool us. It matters not what vehicle he's driving, he'll always be Gold Porsche Guy to us.

An interview I did with Web Pro News the other day is up. I didn't know my voice was being recorded to be broadcast. So of course in this very professional piece, I'm the only one dropping F-bombs. And I don't know why I have to be so hyper, but I was in the middle of striking and Scott Caan was right next to me and he's just so dreamy! Sigh.

And I suggest watching this immediately:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Counter Sign Slogan?

We Produce!
We wear Peuce!
Your Percentage will resemble a Noose!

2:57 PM

Blogger stephanie said...

The last video is brilliant.

7:31 PM

Blogger supporthousingfirst said...

I think you sounded very well informed, justifiably frustrated/pissed off and your speech was perfectly paced!

4:35 PM


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