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Friday, November 30, 2007

Strike Life

So yeah. Just as we feared.

After a week spent nursing the sourdough starter of cautious optimism that a deal was forthcoming, we instead spend this dreary, wet Friday feeling like the puppy in Of Mice And Men. But instead of being loved too hard by a giant half-wit migrant farmworker, we've been math-raped with a new contract offer full of misdirect and spin, bow-tied with a PR-crafted LieName that would make President Bush's "Clear Skies Initiative" and "Healthy Forests Act" proud.

"New Economic Partnership."

Pretty evilgenius, huh?

So when you take a break from collecting lizard skin, Viagra, and the tears of children to Santeria-fy that Nick Counter voodoo doll you've had at the ready, watch the first installment of a new video series called Strike Life that an ensemble of far more talented WGA-member/actors (and I) recently shot. They're funny and very professionally done, and will be posted at over the coming week.

This first one features Cynthia Carle and someone I totally geeked out getting to work with, Rick “Eight Legged Freaks” Overton.


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