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Friday, December 07, 2007

New Film Pigs Alternate DVD Commentary -- Transformers!

Normally this would be where we make fun of the movie's tagline - something like "Transformers: Their War. Our World. Complete Waste Of Your Time." - but holy fuck, this thing is so dull it saps strength even after its running time concludes. Somehow, a movie has been made about giant robots covered in sharp spinning objects that turn into cars and jets and back into robots while they're fighting that's about as compelling as changing your cell phone's battery. It's the mechanical-man-in-conflict version of Paul Haggis' "Crash" - but with more believable commentary on race relations and road safety. Michael Bay has finally succeeded in stripping the very last shred of humanity from his films, perhaps hoping that his robotic overlords will finally let him leave planet earth. Which, apparently, is a pretty cool place to "kick it."

BONUS: For the first time ever, the Film Pigs screw up the DVD playback and ruin the commentary!

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