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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Strike Life -- Merry Mogul Christmas

I was driving down Laurel Canyon a couple days ago when a Porsche, who'd tailgated me the entire way down the hill, zoomed past me and cut me off, just to slap his cock down onto the table. I calmly moved into the other empty lane -- the lane he'd abandoned for no other reason than to get in front of me. When I pulled up next to him, not mad -- I've come to accept that people who drive Porsches are, every single one of them, total dickholes -- two tiny teacup dogs popped their heads up from his lap and stared at me, panting and smiling. Oh man, I could barely stop laughing long enough to take a picture.

On a separate note, if you happen to enjoy music, fun, laughter, or joy of any kind, you must play Rock Band. You cannot finish playing "Maps" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs on drums and not make this face:


*birthday boy and Bonham in training, David Dean

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I found myself part of a group of very talented improv actor/writers asked by United Hollywood (via the producing and directing skills of Laurie and Chris Nolan) to make a bunch of strike-related videos. Turns out the one I liked the best, one in which I play a WGA member thanking two Teamsters for walking the line with the guild (and looking like a bit of a weenie next to the bruisers) was not allowed to be posted. I guess it made us look wimpy. Or Teamsters look bad-ass, which, next to each other, they do and we do. But whatever. I'll get a copy and post it, because Brian Bradley and Guy Stevenson, the two Mad TV writers who played the Teamsters, were hysterical.

So just this past weekend we were asked to make a video in which four of us went down to the Santa Monica airport to supposedly watch the moguls taking off for Christmas vacation. Here it is:

Aside from posting some of the videos we did on the WGA America YouTube page, the non-banned videos can be found here as well:

Strike Life dot net

In "Writer Strike Blues" I get to sing some terrible white-boy blues with Rick Overton, who is such a nice guy on top of being so incredibly talented that it makes me sort of hate him.

Oh, cool. Actually they did manage to put up the Teamsters video on a separate page. It's here:


Blogger David Grenier said...

I've heard good things about Rock Band, but Sony's not getting a dime of my money during a strike. Which really sucks because the new Grand Theft Auto comes out in like two months. I could buy an XBOX instead of a PS3 when it comes out, but the new Metal Gear Solid is going to be Playstation only.

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