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Monday, April 19, 2004

God Is Mad

Creed's Scott Stapp a Real Estate Maven.

The best part: " a writer."

From The "Draw Your Own Conclusions" File

Yahoo! News - Actor Kevin Spacey Loses Phone to London Thief.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Stee in the New York Post

A week or so ago a writer asked for a quote for an article she was writing in the New York Post based on assumptions me and the posters at TWoP were making about Jessica Simpson perhaps being illiterate. So the article went up last week here: New York Post Online Edition: entertainment.

Since then, I've received lots of email, requests to be on radio call-in shows, and today, apparently, Howard Stern even talked about the article. Very funny. Now, websites are just encapsulating the article by saying: "Jessica Simpson may be more than just ditzy. Stephen Falk, who recaps the 'Newlyweds' for a website, says she is functionally illiterate!" Ha.

Here is the recap of Howard Stern's show for today from Mark's Friggin:

"Howard read a story about Jessica Simpson last week where they said that they think she might be illiterate. She acts in a way that illiterate people act. When her husband asks her to read something she will tell him to read it to her instead and stuff like that. Howard said just based on that alone he'd love to bang her. Artie said he and a friend of his were talking about how hot she is and how she is now the new number one chick out there. Robin doesn't think they're thinking this through good enough because she's really not all that hot."

I wish I had heard that. That'll teach me for trying to start working early in the morning. Never again.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

J. Lo's Mom Hits $2.4 Million Atlantic City Jackpot

Proof that God has a fantastic sense of irony.