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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Landmine! Has Taken My Sight...

Things I know right now:

The new house is coming together.
Macy's furniture department will pull a bait and switch like no one else, except...
The AFTRA/SAG Mortgage Brokers.
Airport Wireless is the best invention since bocce ball.
We had a big bocce ball fest on our new back lawn last night.
The new Rilo Kiley album is very good.
As is the movie Collateral.
And you should read our 2004 MTV Video Music Awards recap, due up at TelevisionWithoutPity any second now.

I passed this going to a fantastic exotic soda pop shop in Gassell Park. These blow up advertising guys are my favorite. They're employed by car dealerships to flap their colorful arms and attract business. Well, this guy must have closed Glengarry Glen Ross-loads of deals in the past. Otherwise, how could you explain his still being employed: