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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Film Pigs v. Shoot 'Em Up

We know you've been just dying for a review of the Paul Giamatti / Clive Owen epic. Praying for it every night after wishing for your wayward brother to get off the weed, for Avril to stop doing things to make people hate her because it's getting harder and harder to defend her, and for the Dems in the Senate to grow a pair because they're still rolling over like it's 2002. We know. Shh. We know. So the Film Pigs watch Shoot 'Em Up, so you don't have to. So instead you can go see Mr. Woodcock or Good Luck Chuck or Sydney White. Or so you can cuddle your loved one while we stand out in the cold talking into a video camera, warmed only by the bitterness flowing through our veins. Oh yeah, and scotch. Scotch helps.