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Sunday, August 22, 2004

46667 bps

The world of dial up is mine once again. I feel like I'm back in New York on aol hooking up via my dad's old modem on my 1991 Mac Classic.

We moved on Wednesday and every locksmith and satellite TV company in the greater Silver Lake/Eagle Rock area has my address. Too bad the dope Macy's couch we ordered doesn't have "Pottery" color in stock and so we have to live on an old futon for 2 weeks, again like back in college, except now I rarely have to worry about walking in on my roommate getting a blowjob from the sad musical theatre girl with bad hair and a bladder control problem. Unless I do.

Home-ownership is weird. I have a lawn. And, like, uberdebt. And land. And plumbing. We painted yesterday. It's a rusty mustardy sorta color. The color we picked for the dining room doesn't really look like anything, unfortunately. It's sorta yellowy, I guess, in a non-yellowy sort of way. The view from the house is nice. It's high up off the street. We can see trees and a grassy cemetery far in the distance. Also, the 2 freeway, which is a very relaxed sort of freeway. More Northern Californian than Southern, if that makes any sense. There are birds and trees and sunsets from the view on our porch.

Our movers were really good. Chris' Moving Men. I recommend them highly. Resonable rates and hardworking, nice guys. It was the first time I ever used movers -- mostly because asking friends to carry boxes of Radiohead CD's and Chuck Palanuik books up 33 stairs on a hot August day seems like something I should no longer do. I met my neighbors. Nice people. 2 kids. He has a weird home computer job involving foreign countries and fraud (detecting, not perpitrating). They all smoke -- not the kids, at least when they're home -- and their smoking chair faces our house. They plan to build a new room soon. We shall soon know the joys of construction next door. Across the street neighbor is a Korean guy who reminds me of Khan from King of the Hill. He noted my 49ers hat and wondered how I felt about my ex quarterback probably being gay. I told him i grew up with gay quarterbacks and was very used to it. He wasn't sure what I meant.

The neighborhood is hilly and feels rich but it isn't. Very working class and multi-ethnic. One house has kittens playing in the driveway and a giant M&M man sitting on the porch. Most need paint. Many have the Dish on the roof and pick ups in front.

We had a new mattress delivered. It feels like sleeping on a giant pile of cotton candy and clouds and strippers after our old mattress. The ceilings in the back rooms are vaulted and sloped and I love them. The floors in the front are bumpy and sloped and I don't. I feel very displaced and nervous, but the whole experience is growing on me. I think I'm going to like it here.